50 баллов даю, помогите пожалуйста!!!
Раскройте скобки и употребите глаголы в Present Simple, Present Continuous или Present Perfect:
John Harding (be) a computer engineer. He (work) at Hewlett Packard for two years. He (like) his job very much. “We (develop) technology for future and I really (like) what I (do)”, he (say). Harding also (teach) children at elementary school in San Francisco. He (work) with high school students too.

Harding’s working day (begin) at 9 o’clock. Now it (be) 9.30 and John (be) at his workplace. He (work) on a new software project. He and his colleagues (do) this project for three months. He (work) with a computer. He (study) the results of the previous tests. He (examine) the data and the information. One of his colleagues (speak) on the phone with their client.

The working day (finish) at 6 in the evening. But after work John (not go) home. He (stay) at work and (complete) the tasks he (plan) in the morning.

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