Task 1. Read the telephone conversation
Прочитай телефонный разговор между HC = Help Centre (справочный центр) и S = Simon (Саймон)
HC Hello. Internet help centre. My name is Caroline. How can I help you today?
S Hi. I’m phoning because I’ve got a problem with my internet. I can’t connect at the moment.
HC Have you tried turning off your computer and turning it on again?
S Yes, I have, but it hasn’t worked.
HC OK. What were you doing when you lost the connection?
S I was chatting to friends in a chat room.
HC Is your email still working?
S Yes, I think so. I’ve sent five emails already this morning and they’ve all arrived.
HC Have you ever had this problem before?
S No, I haven’t and I use the internet all the time. I play games with people online, I use social networking sites, I’ve got my own blog and I download lots of films. Yesterday I downloaded five new films.
HC Ah, that’s the answer. You’ve used the internet too much recently. It’s probably crashed.
S Oh!

Аnswer the questions.
Ответь на вопросы. Пиши ответ полностью!

1 What has Simon got a problem with?
2 Has he tried turning off his computer?
3 Who was he chatting to when he lost the connection?
4 When did he send five emails?
5 How many films did he download yesterday?
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1. Simon had a internet problem.

2. Yes, Simon turned off his computer.

3. He was chatting with his friends.

4. He did send five emeals already morning.

5. He did download five films yesterday.

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