Summative assessment for the 2nd unit “Communication and Technology”
(7th grade)
Variant I

READING Read the text and complete the task.
Kate and the Internet
Kate\'s first class starts at eight o’clock in the morning and it is 1.30a.m now. The only sound that you can hear in Kate\'s small room is the clicking of a computer keyboard. Her mum does no longer know what to do. Every day, it’s the same. “Kate does no longer pay attention to her studies or to the report she has to present next week. She ignores all types of homework. Her mother says: “She cares only about the conversations she carries on with people from all over the world without caring about her grades or her friends in real life”.
The Internet access in American households increases, that’s why the number of teenagers who spend a long time of their lives online, has increased too. Psychologists say: “Look out! An increasing number of teens is going into a new form of addiction”. In an interview Kate declared: “I\'m destroying my future and I am becoming isolated from the society,” “I failed English last year... I didn’t care about my studies but at least, I feel free. In fact, I can talk to others about any topic without being afraid of the consequences”.

Task 1.Mark sentences True/ False.
1)Kate studies very well and prepares her homework every day.
2) In Kate`s room you can hear only the clicking of a computer keyboard.
3) Psychologists think that a large number of teenagers is not going into a new type of addiction
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1. False

2. True

3. False

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