Use the notes from Ex. 4 and your own ideas to write a for-and-against essay entitled \'Should teenagers have credit cards?\' (120-180 words). Use the plan. Check your piece of writing and edit it.​
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There are pros and cons to credit cards for students. Its benefit is that if you forget the money at home, you can send the money to your card. Because the card is small, you can put it on the back of the phone. Then the money on your card will not be lost. But it should always be filled. If you lose your card, all the money will be lost. You can close the bank account. If someone steals your card, they can spend your money. Similarly, fraudsters have appeared on the Internet. They will steal your money with the password of your card. Now that you've met someone on the Internet, you can't trust them. Therefore, it is important to keep the card in a safe place.

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