Put each verb in brackets 1–22 into a suitable verb form. There is an example for you. This adventure 0 happened (to happen) to a friend of mine a year ago. If you 1 liked (to like) stories I 2 (to tell) you a true story. While my friend George 3 (to read) in bed two thieves climbed into his kitchen. After they 4 (to enter) the house, they went into the dining room. It was very dark, so they 5 (to turn on a torch. Suddenly they 6 (to hear a voice behind them. \"What 7 (to be) up?\" someone 8 (to call). The thieves 9 (to drop) the torch and 10 (to run) away as fast as they could. George 11 (to come) downstairs quickly. He switched on the light but 12 (can\'t) (to see) anything. The thieves 13 (already to go). But George\'s parrot Henry 14 (to stay) still there. \"What 15 (to be) up?\" he asked. \"I 16 (just to look) around. Nothing\", George said and 17 (to smile). \"If something 18 (to happen) I 19 (let) you 20 (to know)\". George 21 (to turn off the light and 22 (to leave) the room.
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