Give a short talk on the topic \"Family members and relationships\". Answer the following questions. Speak at least for 1 minute. Record yourself on audio or video. Provide the transcript to support your answer.

Do you have the ideal family? Do you communicate with all of your family members? Why / why not?
Some people think family is more important than other types of relationships (for example, friendship, romantic or professional relationship). What is your opinion?
Who are you close to in your family? What do you do together? How often?
What is the most memorable moment in your family? Describe it.
Для получения максимального балла за задание вам необходимо предоставить письменный или печатный текст вашего устного ответа (transcript). Устное задание без текста ответа будет оценено в половину баллов от максимально возможного (при условии отсутствия ошибок). За письменный текст (transcript) без устного ответа баллы зачтены не будут, так как, в первую очередь, в данном задании оценивается навык говорения (Speaking).
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Let me tell you about my family. I have the ideal family. I communicate with all of my family members . Because , I like communicate with my family members . It is very interesting communicate with my family . I think family is more important than other types relationships. Because for me my family is my life. For me my mom is close person to in my family . Almost all my times connect with my mom . My birthday is the most memorable moment in my family.

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