кто может помочь с сочинением на английском? тема: обучение за рубежом плюсы и минусы​
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On the one hand, education abroad is an irreplaceable experience, a prestigious diploma and a chance to build an international career. On the other hand, there are serious financial costs, relocation, adaptation. Education abroad is necessary not only for building a successful career. It teaches you not to be afraid of failure, to correctly prioritize and look at the world more broadly.


For a year of study at a private American school, on average, you will have to pay 50-60 thousand dollars, for a semester of study at a university - from 18 to 50 thousand. Sometimes scholarships and grants help, but even in this case, foreign education will require significant investments. Translation of a diploma and certificate, motivation letters, recommendations, portfolio and visa - to study abroad you will have to go through many bureaucratic obstacles. All this must be done on time and without mistakes - otherwise, you simply will not have time to enroll in the required program.

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