Помогите пожалуйста дам 10 баллов

Над задание номер 3

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aalzhanova2010 2 года назад
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1.In my opinion, this season is summer.

it's summer.

2.I think so because in this photo the weather is sunny and look at their clothes, such clothing is only worn at the end of the spring season and the beginning, middle of the summer season.

3.I believe these are the months of June, July and August.

4.I see in this photo a boy and his sister, their grandmother and father and their two beloved pets (cat and dog).

5.In this photo the image shows a boy helping his father plant a plant, as her sister listens attentively to their grandmother.

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julilee 2 года назад
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1. It is spring.

2. Because the ground is covered with fresh green grass .

3. I think it is May

4. I can see in this picture grandmother,father,daughter,son,dog and cat.

5. The father  and son are working the garden ,grandmother is  reading  a book  and girl is  playing with a doll.


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