1. Do you go to school?
2. What grade are you at?
3. How old are your parents?
4. Are you the only child in the family?
5. Do you have a pet?
6. Are your grandparents still alive?
7. Do you go in for sports?
8. Do you like reading? Пожалуйста помогите это сделать ато не могу сделать
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belohvostkristina3 1 год назад
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1) Yes, I go to school

2)I'm in (в каком ты классе) grade

3)my mom is (возраст твоей мамы) years old and my dad is (возраст твоего папы)

4) Yes, I'm the only child in the family/No, I'm not the only child in the family

5)yes, i have pets/no, i don't have a pets

6)yes my grandparents are still alive

7)yes, I do sports / no I do not play sports

8)yes i like reading

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