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Choose the word that means the same as the underlined words or phrases.
1 I\'m sure Mum will make me work harder when she sees my grades.
A force me to B refuse to C allow me to
2 I didn’t mean to disappoint the team but I
wasn’t feeling well during the match.
A cheer on B let down C go in for
3 He realised his mistake after kicking the ball really hard.
A when he had kicked
B while he was kicking
C after he has kicked
4 Be quiet and listen to what the trainer is
A coach B athlete C referee
5 X: I\'m sure we will win the league this season!
Y: That\'s true!
A No way! B Absolutely! C Are you kidding?
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1. A

2. B

3. C

4. A

5. B

все правильно

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