1) A: I need a holiday, but flights _____
(be) always expensive at this time of the year.
B: That\'s true, but I ______
(find)a cheap flight to Mexico on the net yesterday.

2) A: Grace _______
(win) the lottery last week!
B: That\'s right. She _______
(sleep) when her brother called to tell her.

3) A: I _______
(not like) football.
B: Why _______
(you/not tell) me earlier? The ticket cost $70 each!

4) A:______
(you/hear) about the accident last week?
B: Yes, the boys ______
(drive) along Court Street when a motorbike hit the car.

5) A:______
(you/need) somewhere to stay? I have a spare room.
B: No, it\'s OK. I ______
(stay) with my sister.

6) A: I ______
(read) a novel called The Luminaries at hte moment.
B: Oh, yes. I found it so boring that I ______
(finish) it.

7) A: I like an early start, so I ______
(get up) at six every morning.
B: Me too. I always _______
(leave) the house by seven.

8) A: John! Are you ready? We ______
(wait) for you!
B: OK, here I am! Sorry about that. I ______
(look) for my hat! I couldn\'t find it anywhere.
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1) А: are
В: found

2) A: won
B: was sleeping

3) A: don’t like
B: didn’t you tell me

4) A: Did you hear
B: were driving

5) A: Do you need
B: will stay

6) A: am reading
B: finished

7) A: get up
B: leave

8) A: are waiting
B: was looking

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