3 Choose the correct verbs.
Last night Thad a very strange dream. I decided to \'miss/cat
the bus to school because I was feeling too lazy to joe
? uphill /downhill like I usually did for my regular mori
exercise. But because it was raining really heavily, a bra
came along instead. I got on the boat, in fact, I was the on
passenger, and it began to \'cross / swim the river. But the
journey was very rough and the captain ordered me to
down and “close /fasten my seatbelt. Then suddenly there
were lots of other boats and we were stuck I caught in traffic
It took ages for the boat to make any progress, and all the
time it was raining. When I finally arrived at school, I noticed
I was walking/going barefoot. And I was completely wet and
shaking from the cold. The teacher looked confused and asker
me why I was late. I simply told her l\'d’missed /lost the bus
Very strange​
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1. Miss

2. Uphill

3. Swim

4. Close

5. Going

6. Missed


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