Поставьте нужные предлоги и переведите предложения:

1. Are you pleased ________________ the result?
2. I was speaking ________________ him yesterday.
3. She won’t even look ________________ meat.
4. It is ________________ my field.
5. Put ________________ your hand if you know the answer!
6. She put the washing ________________ to dry.
7. The doctor listened ________________ his heart.
8. I’ll have to talk ________________ that boy!
9. They were angry ________________ this suggestion.
10. What are you laughing ________________?
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Arrty00 2 года назад
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Are you pleased with the result?

I was speaking to him yesterday.

She won’t even look at meat.

It is on my field.

Put up your hand if you know the answer!

She put the washing down to dry. (не уверен)

The doctor listened to his heart.

I’ll have to talk to that boy!

They were angry at this suggestion.

What are you laughing at?

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