Use the verb in brackets in the Present Progressive (you can write only the verb) Можно не переписывать всё предложение, но если оно вопросительное, напишите еще и подлежащее, а не только сказуемое (глагол).

1. Mike (to feed) his dog., 2. Mr Jones (to clean) his yard. 3. Helen (to paint) her kitchen. 4. Our neighbour (to wash) his car. 5. I (to wash) my hair. 6. Who (to fix) your sink? 7. What she (to do) now? - She (to dance). 8. The children (to brush) their teeth. 9. What he (do) at the moment? - He (to fix) his bicycle. 10. They (to have) a big dinner together. 11. The children (to run) about in the garden. 12. I (to do) my homework. 13. John and his friends (to go) to the library. 14. Ann (to sit) at her desk. She (to study) geography.

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1 is feeding

2 is cleaning

3 is painting

4 is washing

5 am washing

6 is fixing

7 is she doing-is dancing

8  are brushing

9 is he doing- is fixing

10 are having

11 are running

12 am doing

13 are going

14 is sitting- is studying


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