Exercise 4. Put the verbs in brackets into Future Simple (Passive).
1. Connections (to develop) between these two projects in different physical locations.
2. Busy hour traffic demands (to meet) only if the switch has enough capacity to handle
both calls.
3. A new rule (to issue) next month to cover special switched access.
4. This telecommunications service provider (to oblige) to invest large sums of money
in something which is unlikely to provide a return.
5. Our company (to face) with an urgent need to streamline and modernize its own
communication resources.
6. The terminal centres (to link) into the PSTN via digital public exchanges with some
specific services including call charging.
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1 will be developed

2 will be met

3 will be issued

4 will be obliged

5 will be faced

6 will be linked


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