2 Read and complete the sentences. прочитайте и завершите предложения important, in watch play better healthy take part Sport is an (1) important activity in people\'s lives. Some people like watching in sport games. Sport is People should do all they can different sports events, others choose to (2) the best and the quickest way to be (3) . I do not lo stay healthy and choose a sport they are interested (4) understand people who say that they like sport, but they only (5) sport on TV. Most people can (6) games and do them in sports clubs and parks. Usually they play football, badminton, tennis. If we do sport, we feel better, look (7) and sleep better.пж ребят срочноооооо пршк​
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Ответ:1) important, 2) take part, 3) healthy, 4) In, 5) watch, 6) play, 7) better

Есть ещё и второе задание я его тоже на всякий случай напишу.

1) so do I

2) so do I

3) so can I

4) neither do I


Вставь их на место где стоят цифры

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