Помогите ответить на вопросы развёрнуто. Which jobs do you think are more suitable for men? Which are more suitable for women? Do you know any women who do jobs considered to be more suitable for men?​
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mistea 2 года назад
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I think that professions where physical strength is needed (for example, a builder) or in the field of math sciences (for example, an engineer, a physicist) are more suitable for men. And for women, professions related to fine motor skills (for example, a seamstress) or communication with people (for example, a teacher) are more suitable. But it is impossible to divide all the professions into male and female, because everything depends on a person. For example, there are men who are good cooks and women who are good physicists. For example, Marie Curie was a scientist, although it was believed that this profession was more suitable for men.

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