Complete the mini-dialogues with the words in the box. da Listening 1 Which sports 2 126 Liste and Lucy inte 126 Listen 3 sentences. 1 2 is from is mad a tory shing up ble Boy Oh, she dancing. 8 doing What do you like og after school? I really playing video games. Do you like reading? I don\'t reading comics, but I hate books. singing enjoy loves about Girl Boy Girl Do you playing in the group? Yes, I do. I don\'t like 6 What\' Julia? Boy Girl Boy Girl enjoy mind​
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Boy: what do you like DOINB after school?

Girl: I really ENJOY playing video games.

Boy: DO you like reading?

Girl: I don't MINO reading comics but l hate books.

Girl: Do you ENJOY playing in the group?

Boy: Yes , l do. I don't like SINGING.

Girl: What ABOUT Julia?

Boy: Oh , she LOVES dancing.


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