Мне очень нужна ваша помощ дам 60 балов кто ришит и пришльот ответ
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1. Tony doesn't play tennis on weekdays. He usually plays tennis at the weekend.

2. what time does Karen get home after school?

At four o'clock. Classes finish at 3:30.

3. Alison never wears earrings. She doesn't like accessories.

4. Do Mark and Henry go skateboarding every afternoon?

5. I don't get up early on Saturday.


1. Does Peter do his homework at the moment?

No, he plays computer games.

2. What do you make?

I make a model plane.

3. Oh no! The children draw on the wall.

4. Robert and I don't download music video at the moment.

We chat on the Net with our friend Frank.

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