5 Song: Read the title. These words/phrases appear in the song. What is it about? Listen, read and check. • brave fearless risk lives harsh conditions • face danger • show fear meet a challenge • stand still take a risk lose courage motivate • bring out your best VIDEO pare Brave and fearless people Risk their lives time and again They work in harsh conditions And they never once complain They may face great danger But they never show their fear when they meet a challenge All their worries disappear Make life an adventure Make your life a thrill Nothing new can happen If you let your life stand still Don\'t be scared to take a risk Don\'t be afraid to fall Life is full of challenges And you can face them all Dare it! Try not to lose courage When life puts you to the test Risk can motivate you And bring out your very best Sometimes things seem scary But you mustn\'t be afraid See a chance and take it That\'s how history is made​
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