Task 1. Read the text carefully. Select if the statements are TRUE or FALSE, put a tick in an appropriate column and EXPLAIN your choice. True False Explanation NO Statements 1. The British Prime Minister goes shopping to M&S. 2. Michael Marks sold things at a very high price. 3. If M&S employees have health problems, they can consult medical specialists from their company. Only at MES Britain\'s favourite store Marks & Spencer is Britain\'s favourite store in London. It attracts a great variety of customers. The Duchess of York and the British Prime Minister are just a few of its famous customers. Last year it made a profit of £929 million, which is more than £18 million a week. It all started 122 years ago, when a young Polish immigrant, Michael Marks, had a stall in Leeds market. He did not have many things to sell: some cotton, a little wool, many buttons and a few shoelaces. Above his stall he put the now famous notice: DON\'T ASK HOW MUCH - IT IS A PENNY. For many years, the philosophy of M&S didn\'t change - to sell goods DAN at a moderate price. Ten years later, he met Tom Spencer and together they started Love Penny Stalls in many towns of England. Today there are over 1300 branches of M&S all over the world - in Britain, America, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium, Egypt, Russia, Greece, WS 9​
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