Put in the missing prepositions or postpositions if necessary.
1. I felt deep sorrow and wanted to confide my troubles ... somebody.
2. The children were so much taken ... that they could not speak for a while; then they decided to think
it... .
3. You don\'t need to consult ... anybody, you have already passed ... the age when people depend on
4. The best way to drive care ... is to sit... a cafe.
5. One never knows how to address ... young ladies — Miss or Mrs.
6. A lot of people have never set eyes ... skyscrapers.
7. The lady at the table shrugged ... her shoulders and sent... the waiter.
8. Not everyone has enough tolerance to nurse ... elderly people but those who have, never give it... .
9. I encountered ... my old friend in the street, we went to a cafe and talked ... so many things.
10. The most difficult thing for a young author is to hand ... his manuscript to the editor.
11. Younger people are easily influenced ... all sorts of things they see or hear.
12. When the lady was pleased her lips relaxed ... a smile.
13. Quite often the students are asked to sum ... the story.
14. The tenor sang and his assistant accompanied him ... the guitar.
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