Do you have any common inteŕests(hobbies)​
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mariagev 2 года назад
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1) My hobbies are reading, listening to classical music and drawing.

2) I enjoy reading the most.

3) I started my hobby when I was 8 years old and was able to read and draw.

4) After school I go to a public library.

5) I cannot live without music.

6) My hobby is drawing.  

7) My friends are fond of vintage records and photos

8) Yes, I do. My friends and I like to go to music festivals.

9) Yes, I spend much time chatting with friends.  

10) I think, learning a language is the most popular hobby now.

11) In my free time I often go to the cinema.

12) My favourite free time activity is watching movies with my family.

13) Yes, sometimes I spend my leisure time with friends.

14) We have dinner together or watch TV.

5) Yes, I go out very often.

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