1 Most of the exhibits at the museum
A are replicas.
C were donated.
B are plaster casts.
D belong to Loren.
2 What inspired Loren to study cryptids?
A The books he read on cryptozoology.
B. His teacher\'s encouragement.
C A film he saw as a young boy.
D His travels and camping trips.
3 What does Loren say motivates him most to continue searching?
A his scepticism
C uncertainty
B people\'s accounts
D hard evidence
4 The writer uses the highlighted phrase in the text to show that
A people believed in the reports about pandas and gorillas.
B stories about hidden animals come from tribal legends.
C scientists often change their minds.
D the Western World knows little about hidden animals.​
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1. D)

2. C)

3. C)

4. D)


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