Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form. Explain.
1 I tried … (put) the packet on the top of the shelf, but I
wasn’t tall enough … (do) it.
2 Tom couldn’t … (afford) … (run) his big car and had
arranged … (sell) it.
3 … (lie) here in the sun is better than … (sit) in the office all
4 Would you mind … (lend) me your telephone? I want …
(phone) my mother.
5 I don’t remember … (bring) my handbag. Did you notice
me … (carry) it?
6 The teacher asked the children … (stop) … (make) such a
7 I would like my son … (start) … (learn) Spanish.
8 It isn’t worth … (go) … (see) a man who can’t stand …
(listen) to.
9 Try … (mix) it with water. It’ll … (taste) better.
10 I am used to … (wake up) early now, but I used … (get
up) at midday.
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1.I tried to put the packet on the top of the shelf .but i wasnt tall enough do it

2Tom couldnt afforded to run his bag car and had arranded sell it

3The lie here in the sun is better than sit in the office all

4.would you mind lend me your telephone ?i want hone my mother.

5.i dont remember bring my handbag .did you notice me carry it ?

6.The teacher asked the children stop make such a noice

7.I would like my sos start to learn spanish

8.it isnt worth go to see a man who cant stand listen to

9.Try mix it with water.It 'll taste better

10.i am used to wake up early , but i used to get up to midday


Все правильно☑

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