Task 1
Write sentences in the correct form of the present perfect.
1 1 /ever/ see/ have not/ this / letter
2 You / this/ dish/ before/ have not/ eat
3We /be/ have not/ to/ this/ country/ yet
4 Sam/ visit/ close friends /his
5 You/ paint /picture /a wonderful
6 they/leave the / building
7 Send/ this/ letter/ who /you?
8 Can /download/music/ this /you/ help?
9 have/write/what/they/ on the message board?
1 How often do you go shopping?
2 Do you go alone or with friends?
3 Where do you usually go shopping ?
4 Do you prefer bazaars and markets, or shopping malls? Why?
5 What was the last thing you bought ?

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Task 2 я сама не знаю 1 ответ

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