Task 2: Answer the questions using the topical vocabulary. Questions: 1. What piece of technology can\'t you live without? Why? 2. How often do you watch TV? 3. What\'s your favourite gadget to communicate with friends? 4. Do you spend much time chatting with your friends? 5. What information do you usually search on the Internet?
Answers: 1. All my free time I spend much time chatting with my friends. 2. I\'m fond of a cell phone and the reason is that it connects me to the world. 3. I usually search much useful information for my lessons on the Internet. 4. I watch TV only at weekends, because I don\'t have much time. 5. I can\'t live without a cell phone because of its practical use. ​
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Ответ:могу только 1) True 2) False 3) False 4) True 5) True

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