6. Complete the sentences using could, couldn\'t or was/wer able to 1. The weather was getting worse hour by hour but we ... return to ou boat. 2. 1... find my harness though I looked for it everywhere. 3. It was a terrible storm, but David ... come up on deck. 4. Though the trip was dangerous, we ... return home safely. 5. It was dark outside and I... find your cottage. 6. They were wet, cold and tired, but they were glad that they ... do it. 7. We ... leave him in France, as he didn\'t want to stay there. 8. We got lost in the crowd and ... find our way.​
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1) couldn't

2) couldn't

3) were able to

4) were able to

5) couldn't

6) were

7) could

8) couldn't


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