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6 Match the adjectives to the jobs. Some of them may be used more than once. Then write sentences, as in the example.
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2. If you want to be a performer, you have to talented.

3. Veterinarian should be sensitive and patient at the same time.

4. Being imaginative and organized are the main characteristics that describe an inventor.

5. People who decided to be a bomb disposal experts need to be quick-thinking, courageous and careful in their work.

6. Scientists must be analytical to do their job.

7. In order to become a secret agent, you must have such qualities as being trustworthy, discreet, and daring.

8. Firstly, a dog walker has to be fit and responsible for the animals and also love dogs.

9. Author is an imaginative person.

10. A cashier is that kind of job where the required qualities are being patient and organized.

11. The composer makes clear movements with his hands, which allows musicians to follow the melody and for this you need to be organized and not get lost

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