10. Present continuous, present perfect or present perfect continuous. Complete the sentences below with the appropriate tenses. 1. Don\'t disturb me now. I (to work). 2. I (to work) hard, now I need some rest. 3. 1 (work) for a telephone company since last year. 4. The ground is wet. It (to rain). 5. We need an umbrella. It (to rain). 6. Jenny (learn) her geography lesson very well. 7. Maria (learn) English for two years. 8. Hello, Tom. I (look) for you all morning. Where have you been? 9. Why (you / look) at me like that? Stop it. 10. I (look) for my book everywhere, but I can\'t find it.
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  1. I am working
  2. I have been working
  3. I have been working
  4. It has been raining
  5. it is raining
  6. has learnt
  7. has been learning
  8. I have been looking
  9. why are you looking
  10. I have looked


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