ПОМОГИТЕ РЕШИТЬ!! с объяснением выбора, пожалуйста

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1. I wish I had dancing skills. If I had dancing skills, I would take part in the competition.
(2nd condition)
2. I would rather prefer you not to follow me. (Polite form)
3. You better not spoil yourself with grilled meat. (Advice)
4. I would rather prefer a cup of ice tea. (polite form)
5. I wish you didn’t eat so much junk food.
6. It’s time for you to complete your report because the deadline is coming.
7. I rather stay home then go out tonight.
8. I wish I had more access to the Internet.
9. I wish the weather was good.
10. If I only had more time to cope with the task.
11. Mark behaves as though he is a film star.
12. If I were you, I would study Japanese.

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