Put the s 8 Put the verbs in brackets into the present simple or the present continuous. 1 A: This pasta CE (taste) amazing. B: Yes, Liam always (cook) wonderful food! A: 2 ... (she/live) in Moscow? B: Yes, but at the moment she ..... (stay) in London for the summer. (you/know) that 3 A: man over there? B: ......... 1 Peter\'s older brother. (think) he\'s 4 A: 5 A: How long • (you/work) this afternoon? B: No, I ...... .............. (visit) some relatives. ..... (it/take) you to get to the gym? B: Ten minutes by car, but tomorrow ....... (walk) there lict below in the​
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1.tastes B: cooks,2.A:Does she live,B:is staying,Do you know,3.Do you think he's,4.A:are working,B:visit,it takes,B:is walking

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