Read the text and choose the correct answer, A, B or C. My favourite day Saturday I really like Saturdays. I get up quite late. I 1_ breakfast with my family at ten o\'clock or later. At breakfast we talk 2 _ our week and discus plans for the weekend. Then I do my homework and after that I relax. I often go out with my friends; we go to 3 _ or play snaker. We always 4 _ a god time. In the evening l 5 _ music before I go to sleep.
1. A have B give. C do
2. A to. B on. C about
3. A cinema B the cinema C a cinema
4. A spend. B get. C have
5. A listen. B listen to C listen of
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MathDaddy 1 год назад
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1. A have

2. C about

3. B the cinema

4. C have

5. B listen to

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darta558 1 год назад
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1. A Have
2. C About
3. B The Cinema
4. C Have
5. B Listen To

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