Choose the correct answer, A, B or С. 1. l usually _ at home from school at four o\'clock. A be B come C stay 2. On Thursdays George sometimes _ chess with his granddad. A does B makes C plays 3. What time do you get _ at the weekend? А up B down C on 4.In some families fathers_after the children. A look B see C watch 5. What_ does your tennis lesson start? A place B time C hour ​
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MathDaddy 1 год назад
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1. вообще говоря, все варианты неправильные. наиболее приемлемый – вариант В, но тогда "at" в предложении лишнее: I usually come home...

2. C plays

3. A up

4. A look

5. B time

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